Common Regulations For the Masters Degrees in All Schools

Applicaton And Admission Procedures

Eligibility for the Master’s Degree Programme

The following shall be eligible for registration into Master’s degree programmes in the University: -

  • A holder of a Bachelor’s degree with Second Class Honours – Upper Division of Kenyatta University or equivalent qualification from a recognized university. In addition applicants must meet specific school requirement
  • In exceptional cases, the Senate may also admit to the Master’s programme non-holders of a first degree provided such candidates can on the basis of published research, academic and creative work they have done, show that they are qualified to undertake postgraduate work by passing qualifying examinations
  • An intending candidate shall be required to produce evidence of competence to work for the degree. The Senate may decline to admit as a candidate for the degree, any person whose attainments are, in its opinion, not sufficiently high to warrant such admission.
  • In addition to producing evidence of eligibility for registration, candidates for the Master’s degree may be required to appear for interviews in the Department and/or School concerned, to determine their suitability for registration
  • Subject to the approval by the Senate, Schools may formulate regulations requiring applicants to have attained such academic or equivalent qualifications as may be consistent with the goals of their Master’s programmes.
  • Submission and processing of Applicants
    Applications shall be submitted to the Registrar (Academic) on the prescribed forms, KU/R/GS/1.
  • All applications for registration shall be processed in the first instance by the relevant Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee, DPSC before being submitted to the relevant School Postgraduate Studies Committee (SPSC). The School shall then forward all such applications with appropriate comments to the Graduate School.

Before recommending a candidate for registration, the SPSC concerned shall satisfy itself that:

  • The proposed field of study is academically sound and can profitably be pursued under the supervision of Kenyatta University academic staff.
  • The candidate has adequate opportunities for consulting with supervisors(s) at least once a month
  • The candidate can obtain access to materials relevant to the field of study or research work.
  • The candidate has adequate facilities for practical field work where this is applicable.

Candidates for the Masters degree may apply for provisional admission by completing the normal University admission application form which will be scrutinized and approved by the relevant Department and School. The form will then be submitted to the Registrar Academic Affairs (Admissions Office). If approved, provisional candidates will be allowed 12 months within which to prepare and successfully defend their research proposals at the Departmental and School Boards.




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