The Pattern of The Masters Degree Programmes

The Master’s programme in any School shall consist of:

  • either coursework and examination, involving full time attendance at the University.


  • coursework, examination and thesis also involving full-time attendance at the University, and where the entire second year of the programme is devoted to the thesis.


  • under exceptional circumstances thesis only which may be taken either on full-time or part-time basis. Provided that no candidate shall qualify for the award of a master’s degree by thesis only, unless he has been in attendance at the University in the School in which he/she is registered for such period as the regulations of the School concerned may require.

The Duration of Master’s Degree programmes

The Master’s programmes in all schools shall extend over a period of at least eighteen months from the date of registration.

No candidate for the Master’s degree shall be registered as a fulltime student for more than three years or a part-time student for more than four years without completing the programme of study, or submitting a thesis as may be the case without the permission of Senate.

Extension of Duration of Study for the Master’s Degree

Extension of a study period beyond the normal time limit may be granted on the basis of a recommendation from the Department through the relevant School specifying reasons for the extension and a schedule for the activities to be carried out.

Under special circumstances, a period of study may be extended for no longer than 6 moths and 12 months for full-time and part-time candidates respectively.

Withdrawal and Re-admission

For the entire study period, students may apply for permission to be away from the University for up to one academic year. Permission may be granted by Senate on the basis of recommendations from the Department and the relevant School specifying reasons for the permission.

A student who has officially withdrawn from a programme while in good academic standing but is unable to resume studies within one academic year may be re-admitted on the basis of recommendations from the Department through the relevant School.

Change of Registration Status within the same Programme

On the recommendation of the School Board concerned, the Senate may permit a candidate to change his registration status from part-time to full-time or vice versa only once, in which case, regulation 5 shall apply to such candidate as if he has initially been admitted to the status he now seeks.

Provided that no candidate admitted as a full-time or part-time student for course-work and examination, or course-work, examination and thesis, shall be permitted to change registration status, unless the candidate has successfully completed the first year and passed the examination at the end thereof.

Provided also that in the case of candidates registered for thesis only, no change of status may be approved unless the candidate concerned has completed such full-time attendance at the University (not being less than six months) as the regulations of the School concerned may require.

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