New regimes in Research and Innovation for National Development

Prof. Shaukat A. Abdulrazak, Ph.D, MBS

University Roles In Meeting Aspirations For Ict & Economic Development

Prof. Olive M. Mugenda; PhD, EBS

Enhancing Teacher Training Programs Using E-Learning

Prof. Olive M. Mugenda; PhD, EBS

Professor Ladipo Adamolekum
Key Issues In Managing Cross-border Provision Of Education Experiences And Perspectives From Kenya Prof. Karega Mutahi
A Strategy for Managing PhD Research in a Resource Challenged Environment at Kenyatta University, Kenya Simon Mang’erere Onywere
The International Development Climate Opportunities and Threats to Advancing Media and Communications in Africa UN Economic Commission for Africa
DATAD WORKSHOP: Kenyatta University Update John K Thuku
Research Products And Intellectual Property Rights Ogada T. and Mbayaki A.
Anja ffrench
Palliative care medicine:A balanced approach to opioid availability and safe use in Kenya Dr. Bilha Kiama-Murage
DATAD WORKSHOP - In collaboration With Kenyatta University Dr Pascal Hoba
Products From East Africa Joseph Bazambanza
Leaded Gasoline in Kenya Daniel Atz
ARPPIS- African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science Arppis Collaborating Universities
Rethinking Context in Comparative and International Education Michael Crossley
Open Standards and Spatial Data Infrastructures: A Cure for Digital Constipation? Mick Wilson, United Nations Environment Programme
The quest for lower Bandwidth costs for African Universities Sandra Aluoch
Aerobic Capacity Of Kenyan Rugby Union Players Mwangi P. Wanderi
Issues And Challenges In Implementing Quality Assurance In Higher Education Dr Joseph Sevilla
Mapping Out Best Practices For Improving Access To Higher Education For Orphaned And Vulnerable Students (Ovss) In Kenya And Rwanda Kenyatta University and National University of Rwanda
Institutional Policies for Managing HIV/AIDS in Africa Barnabas Otaala
Efficacy of Bacterial Larvicides for Use in Malaria Control Josephat Shililu
Interventions That Increase Enrolment Of Women In African Tertiary Institutions Grace W. Bunyi
The Public Knowledge Project’s Open Journal Systems Florence Muinde
Towards Re-Africanizing African Universities: Who Killed Intellectualism in the Post Colonial Era? Prof Ali A. Mazrui
The Challenge of Higher Education Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Laurence Wolff (AVU)
The Struggle For Regulatory And Economic Sphere Of Influence In The Matatu (Means Of Transport) In Kenya: A Stakeholder Analysis Meleckidzedeck Khayesi
An Age-Old Salt Lake May Yield a Washday Miracle Marc Lacey
Managing Nutrient Cycles to Sustain Soil Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa André Bationo
One Year Of Virtual University Experience At Makerere University In Uganda Jessica N. Aguti
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