Inter-University Transfer
Candidates applying for inter-university transfer within the same programme shall show that:

  • They meet the entry requirements as stipulated in the relevant Kenyatta University Common Regulations for the Master’s degree programmes in all Schools.
  • They have attended a residential Master’s degree programme at another institution recognized by the Senate as of comparable academic status, in which case a recommendation letter from the Registrar (Academic) of the institution attended will be necessary.
  • They can obtain from three persons acceptable to the University, recommendations that they are qualified to pursue a relevant higher degree programme.
  • After complying with conditions, (i) to (iii) above, the candidates shall be required to take a Special Entrance Examination and/or attend an interview in the relevant Department/School.
  • The pass mark in the entrance examination shall be 50%.

Master’s Degree Classification.
- Master’s Degree shall not be classified
- Area of specialization shall be indicated in the degree certificate in parenthesis.

Regulations on Writing a Thesis
Regulations on writing a thesis are applicable to higher degree programmes of Kenyatta University which have a requirement for the submission of a thesis in partial fulfilment for the award of the degree. The regulations are supplementary to School regulations.

A thesis must be type-written or printed on a high quality A4 (210 x 297 mm) size paper. The type must be double spaced and on one side of the paper only. There shall be a 50 mm margin on the left hand side and 25 mm on the right hand side of the paper. Typing shall begin 40 mm from the top of the paper and may not go beyond 25 mm from the bottom of the page. Pages shall be numbered consecutively and the number shall appear in the centre of the upper margin of the page. Preliminary pages such as table of contents, list of tables and figures that proceed the first page of text shall be numbered using small Roman numbers. Where possible, pages bearing graphs, diagrams etc shall also be numbered. However, where such numbering spoils or detracts the presentation, the number may be omitted. Subsequent pages shall be numbered as if the un-numbered page carried a number.

The first page shall bear the title of the thesis in capital letters with the full name of the candidate below. The legend ‘A’ thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for the degree of (insert the name of the degree and the area of specialization) Kenyatta University shall appear in the middle of the page. The date of submission shall appear below in the form of month and year.

The second page must contain:

  • A signed declaration by the candidate with the following statement; “This thesis is my original work and has not been presented for a degree in any other University”.
  • A signed declaration by the University Supervisor and all other supervisors with the following statement when the thesis is submitted for examination: “We as University supervisors confirm that the work reported in this thesis was carried out by the candidate”.

The third page of the thesis (and pages following if necessary) shall contain:

  • A table of contents with page numbers.
  • An abstract of the thesis not exceeding two pages double spaced and not exceeding 500 words should follow beginning on a new page.
  • Tables, text figures, diagrams and plates shall be numbered in separate sequence and should be cited by a number in the text. Each table, figure and plate shall have full caption. Figures and diagrams should in general be reproduced by photographic or similar means. There should be a 60 mm margin around all figures, diagrams and plates, and all lettering must be in stencil or its equivalent.

Literature must be cited by author and year of publication or by number in the text, and a list of references must appear at the end of the thesis. Schools and Institutes may vary in the way they cite Literature provided the citing is in accordance with accepted International Conventions.

The original thesis must be submitted and copies taken from the original for submission must be good quality photocopies. Typed carbon copies are not accepted.

After examination and making any necessary corrections, the thesis shall be bound in black for Master’s degree and maroon for Ph.D degree. The spine of the thesis shall be embossed in gold with the initials and surname of the candidate, the degree for which it has been submitted and the year. This shall read from left to right when the title page is uppermost. The title of the thesis and the initials and the name of the candidate, Kenyatta University and year, shall also appear in capital letters on the front cover.

All four copies submitted to the Dean, Graduate school through the Chairman of Department and Dean of relevant School shall remain the property of the University and shall be distributed to the relevant School, Department, Library and Graduate School.

Submission and Examination of a Thesis
At least three months before a thesis is submitted a candidate shall give notice of the intention using the prescribed form KU/GS/ADM/2 to the Dean, Graduate School submitting at the same time, the title and an abstract (not longer than 2 pages and double spaced) of the work outlining the general scope of the work.

Every thesis shall be submitted in quadrouplicate, and must be accompanied by a declaration by the candidate confirming that the thesis has not been submitted for a degree in any other University, and that the contents of the thesis are the original work of the candidate.

A thesis submitted for the degree must be adequate in form and content. It must also include a list of references cited in the thesis whether published or otherwise and it must also conform to the format for a thesis of Kenyatta University.

The Senate shall, on the recommendations of the Board of the Graduate School appoint in respect of each candidate presenting a thesis a Board of Examiners consisting of:

  • Dean of the Faculty as Chairman (or any other person appointed by Senate as the need may arise)
  • An external examiner
  • Two internal examiners, one of whom must not have supervised the candidate
  • Two other competent persons who must not be from the candidate’s Department
  • A Senate representative who is not a member of the School to which the candidate belongs.

The external examiners and each of the internal examiners shall be required to submit within five weeks an independent written assessment of the thesis to the Dean, Graduate School indicating:

  • the strengths and weaknesses of each chapter
  • whether or not the thesis is adequate in form and content
  • whether or not the thesis reflects an adequate understanding of the subject, and in consequence
  • whether or not the degree should be awarded.

As soon as all the examiners reports are received, the Dean Graduate school shall convene a meeting of the Board of examines at which the reports and other academic matters arising from the thesis shall be considered, and a report made on the prescribed form KU/GS/ADM/3 and appropriate recommendation thereon prepared for submission to Senate through the Graduate School.

Where the recommendation of the Board of Examiners is unanimous for or against the award of the degree, and where such unanimous recommendation is consistent in all respects with the reports of the external examiner and internal examiners, and the results of the oral examination, the Dean of the Graduate School shall forward such recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor for approval on behalf of the Senate.

Where the recommendation of the Board of Examiners is not unanimous, or where in the opinion of the Dean of the Graduate School the recommendation is not consistent in material respect with the matters referred to in regulation (vii) it shall be referred to the Graduate School Board meeting for an appropriate recommendation to the Senate.

The Senate may, on the advice of the Board of Examiners and the Graduate School invite a candidate to re-submit a thesis in a revised form. A thesis may be presented for re-examination only once.

A candidate whose thesis is referred to under this regulation shall be required to re-submit the thesis within twelve months.

Subject to Senate’s approval and only under the most exceptional circumstances, the degree may be awarded to a candidate without being orally examined.

A thesis accepted by the University and subsequently published in part or in whole and in whatever form, shall bear the inscription, “work forming part of the requirements for the degree of Master of Kenyatta University”.




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