Examination of Candidates

A taught unit in all Schools is defined as the equivalent of 35 one-hour lectures.

Two hours of tutorial or three hours of practical work are equivalent to a one hour lecture for the purpose of the definition of a unit in these regulations.

Candidates taking coursework and examination or coursework, examination and thesis shall be examined in all the units for which they have registered at the end of the semester in which they are taught.

Full-time students shall take a minimum of 8 units within the first academic year.

Assessment of each unit shall be done at the end of each semester by a written examination, which shall constitute 70% of the total marks in each unit and a coursework assessment test constituting 30% of the overall assessment. Other types of examination as specified in the School regulations may also be used in the assessment of a unit.

The pass mark in all Schools for each unit shall be 50%.

Each unit is marked out of 100%. These marks are translated into literal grades as follows: 70% and above – A; 60% - 69% = B; 50% - 59% = C; 49% and below = E (Fail).

Candidates taking the first year examinations shall be required to pass in all the courses for which they are registered before they can proceed to the second academic year.

The entire Master’s degree programme shall be equivalent to a minimum of 16 taught units.

Examination results for taught units shall be processed through the School Board of Examiners concerned and presented directly to the University Board of Examiners.

Supplementary examination, if any shall be governed by School. regulations approved by Senate.

Examination results for theses will be processed and presented to Senate by the Graduate School.

Conduct of Studies and Supervision

A candidate registered in accordance with these regulations shall be required to pursue the programme of study under instruction or supervision of academic staff appointed in that capacity by the Senate on the recommendation of the School Board concerned.

Recommendations on the appointment of supervisors shall be processed in the first instance through the relevant Department and School. The recommendations shall then be forwarded to the Graduate School for scrutiny and onward transmission to the Senate.

Before recommending the appointment of any supervisor, the Department concerned shall satisfy itself that the proposed supervisor, is competent in the subject area and field of research in which the candidate proposes to work.

At least two supervisors shall be appointed for each candidate. However, Senate may appoint additional and/or replacement of supervisors) if necessary.

Normally, one of the supervisors shall be appointed from among the academic staff of the Department concerned.

- On the recommendations of the relevant Department through the relevant School, Senate shall appoint one of the supervisors as the candidate’s main supervisor.

Where a Supervisor is appointed from outside the University, such a supervisor must show evidence of competence in the candidate’s area of study through publications or other work produced since obtaining the higher degree.

Candidates shall be required to consult their supervisor(s) at least once a month and to submit written reports at the end of every semester on the prescribed form KU/GS/ADM/1 on the progress of their studies through the supervisor(s) to the relevant Departmental PSC for onward transmission to the School Postgraduate Studies Committee and to the Graduate School.

It shall be the duty of the supervisors to direct and supervise the work of the student in so far as it relates to the programme of study. In particular, supervisors shall be required to:

  • maintain regular and effective contact with assigned candidates
  • submit individually or jointly, academic progress report through the relevant DPSC and SPCS to Graduate School on the progress of each candidate at the end of each semester.
  • Certify at the end of every semester that the candidate has received supervision.
  • Inform the Graduate School through the relevant DPSC and School PSC at once, if it is considered that a given candidate is unlikely to reach the standard required for the award of a Master’s degree.

Where the academic progress of a given candidate is unsatisfactory, such a candidate shall be given a written warning by the Dean of the School concerned to the effect that unless there are signs of improvement within three months, deregistration shall be effected. A recommendation for deregistration shall be made to the Senate through the School only after the above shall have been complied with.

Subject to approval of the relevant Deans and the Chairmen of the Departments, a candidate may take a course in another Department or even in another School as part of the requirement for his Master’s degree programme.

Result Slip

At the end of each semester, students shall be given result slips showing literal grades and cumulative Average Score (CAS) with the following letters:

  • Pass – P, Academic Warning – AW, Incomplete – I, Withdrawal – W, Re-sit – R, Discontinuation – Disc, Audited – (AUD
  • Academic Warning
  • Academic warning shall be given to a student who fails one unit in any given semester.


Incomplete grades shall be assigned to a unit, which a student is unable to complete due to reasons acceptable to the Senate.

Further registration or class attendance shall not be a requirement to complete the unit.

Withdrawal from a Unit

A student can withdraw from a unit without any penalty within the first four weeks in the semester.

Failure to withdraw officially shall lead to a grade “E” at the end of the semester.

Grade “E” shall be awarded Zero (0) score and shall be included in calculating the Cumulative Average Score.

In special circumstances, a student may be allowed to withdraw from a course after the fourth week provided the reasons for such withdrawal are acceptable to the relevant Department and School.


A candidate who fails in at least two units in any academic year shall be discontinued.


A student may audit units with the permission of the lecturer in charge, the relevant Department and the Registrar (Academic)

Audit units shall be shown in the result slips as “AUD”.


A transcript will be issued free of charge by the Registrar (Academic) at the end of the degree programme only on a written request by the candidate.

Additional transcripts shall be issued at a fee.

A transcript may be issued to a student before completion of the programme on request at a fee.

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