Functions of Graduate School

The Graduate School shall carry out the following roles: Administration, Advisory and Student matters.

Administrative role:
In addition to the administrative role, the Graduate School shall carry out the following functions:
  • To receive and process application for admission into postgraduate programmes through consultation with the teaching units.
  • To forward the list of recommended students for admission to the Registrar, Academic Affairs, for issuance of letters as required by the statutes.
  • To keep updated records of postgraduate students including their progress reports.

Advisory role:
The Graduate School shall carry out the advisory role as follows:
  • To consider recommendations on new or existing programmes from relevant teaching units and make appropriate recommendations to Senate.
  • To be responsible for effective and regular management of postgraduate education through close coordination with various Schools, Institutes and Departments which conduct graduate courses.

Student Matters:
The Graduate school shall perform the following functions regarding students matters.
  • To explore means and ways of enabling graduate students publish their research findings.
  • To receive and consider any matters affecting the academic and social welfare of postgraduate students and advise Senate accordingly.
  • To solicit and allocate research and scholarship funds for Graduate students in consultation with the relevant teaching and administrative units of the University.
  • To liaise with Institute of Research and Development, the Institute of Communication and Technology and other relevant units to enhance research skills and exposure for postgraduate students.




School News


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