Welcome to Graduate School

Graduate School programmes at Kenyatta University have continued to grow with time, and now cover some of the most demand driven courses in this country.  Historically it is a leader in Education in the region and most of the Research in Curricular, Education Planning and Education Administration in the country have been through Kenyatta University.  Presently the university has several schools with formidable postgraduate research teams in several disciplines such as Pure and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Law, Agriculture, Medicine, Environmental studies, Visual and Performing Art, Economics, Applied Human Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Health Sciences.
The University Research component analyses societal needs and tailors research topics towards orientation with market demands in the country and region.  Coupled with a well informed Intellectual Property (IP) Policy that confers incentives to innovators, Postgraduate work at Kenyatta University is at the cutting edge of knowledge.  The University recently inaugurated a centre for Innovations and Incubation which is set to complement the National Strategy for Vision 2030.  With well equipped laboratories and several well trained Professors including one of the few laboratories in the country for genetic transformation, Kenyatta University is the best University in the region for postgraduate work.  The University has well monitored programmes to ensure timely completion of postgraduate work and a very well planned and certified Quality Assurance Programme.
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